We're Turning a New Leaf. We're Rebranding. Welcome North Roots Herb Farm !


Where are we located? 

We are located in Norfolk County,  Southwestern Ontario. Ontario's Garden.

How many grams of tea in a cup? 

Our 30g bags of tea will make 25-30 cups. Our 40g bags of tea will make 35-40 cups.  The herbal tea will infuse into a second cup of tea before composting.

How do I make or steep my tea properly?

All teas come with very specific directions, including how much tea, what temperature and how long you should steep for. You will become a tea connoisseur of the herbal tea world!

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

Generally about 7-10 days. If you need an update on your order, please contact Kim@NorthRootsHerbFarm.ca

What does Organic really mean?

Organically grown means to understand the value of the land that we grow our food on. Good healthy soil, good energy, sunshine, nourishing rain and thundershowers, bees and insects, all are a part of this wonderful ecosystem. Letting our soil rest and regenerate so the soil can once again regain its strong immune system. These traditional ways will provide our bodies with the most high energy, high mineral and vitamin foods and herbs that our body needs. As all nations and individuals, we are entitled to this inheritance now and for our future children.

Why are we Certified Organic?

Certified Organic means that we are accountable for showing full traceability on all of our ingredients to a certifying party who works with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the Canadian Organic Regime. We believe in the natural homeostasis of the earth. To be able to walk barefoot while we work in the fields and to breathe in the sunshine and know we are creating a healthy environment for all relations that live here. To have respect and take full responsibility of these treasures that have been gifted to us.